Welcome to Raintree,

a unique venue ecosystem with a highly adaptive environment for the event of your dreams. Like our signature river, passion and professionalism flows through our veins.


Our Areas

of Expertise 




With over a decade in the business

we have experience in a wide range of event types and styles, as well as a long lasting connection with our professional suppliers to ensure quality.



With twelve years of wedding experience and a breathtaking venue, we provide a hands on professional experience to help you create the wedding of your dreams. We have long standing relationships with only the best caterers and personal who provide a delicious service. The icing on the cake is of course the scenery; with a natural stream winding over granite rock and the wind whispering through our lush pine forests. We will make it a day to remember



Personal Events

We can supply and cater for a variety of personal events for such as; Baby showers; Engagement shoots; Birthday parties and; picnic outings. We work hard to make your day memorable.
Modern Architecture

Corporate Events

Our permanent luxury marquee allows for a large protected space to host professional and efficient corporate events and staff seminars.
Let our managers handle all the behind the scenes and our caterers serve you as you present the business event to be remembered
Tug of War
Hands Together

Team Building

We offer a specialised course which can
be vital to growing businesses and even classmates. With taylor made team building exercise designed to allow groups to trust each other build communication skills and overall work more efficiently 


We proudly introduce our newest entertainment venue - our paintball course.
Designed to take advantage of our natural landscape and surrounding foliage this course is perfect for blowing off some steam in a high stakes team strategy game.

About Us


Raintree is a truly unmatched natural paradise nestled in the heart of the Umwinsidale Valley. Wind whistles

through the pine forests, lush landscaped gardens and manicured lawns roll down to merge with the Umwinsi River. This clear and natural water stream cascades over a granite rock waterfall to settle in an idyllic pool. Our exclusive venue not only promises distinct quality and excellent service but provide the canvas to paint your dream event.


We offer a magnificent setting coupled with a gourmet serves and professional experience to capture your life long memories on camera. Our experienced event co ordinator's will assist you every step of the way in making your day truly unique and personal. Behind the scenes you will find carefully selected and highly trained personnel that are passionate about what they do and will ensure that your event is truly memorable.


At Raintree you can be assured of a warm welcome, undivided attention, hands on experience and commitment, 

more importantly it is our attention to detail that sets us apart.


"We absolutely loved meeting you and working with you and thank you so so much for all the thought and love you put into our wedding - it meant a huge amount and just made our day extra special."

—  Kate, McGoey