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How many guests can Raintree accommodate?

Raintree can accommodate up to 350 guests in our permanent marquee which is inclusive in our package and per head charge. Raintree can hold events up to 1000 guests or more however the cost of the extra marquee required would be charged to the clients account.

Does Raintree offer accommodation?

Raintree does not offer accommodation facilities.

How secure is parking?

We have an security guard posted specifically for guiding guests and overseeing the parking area.

Does Raintree have a backup generator?

Raintree offers a reliable backup generator for all events. Please kindly note should the generator be utilized the fuel will be charged to the clients account.


Is the wedding planner there the whole day?

Your event manager will stay with you and take care of anything you may need on your special day up until dinner service to which they will then handover to our resident manager to carry you through the rest of the night.


Are guests allowed to bring in their own drinks for their function?

Raintree does not permit clients to bring in their own drinks.

Can we bring in our own ingredients for catering?

Raintree does not allow clients to bring in their own ingredients however should a client have any religious reasons for wanting to bring in their own ingredients please feel free to message our management for assistance.

How much is it for children?

If a client requires a child to be seated at a table in the reception they will be charged the standard per head charge. Should you require other options please kindly contact management.


Is there an Entry Fee?

Yes, please contact us for the most current pricelist but we ask for a small fee to help maintain our grounds all year round. This is based on $5 per person, kids 1 and under are free and any accompanying maids.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, we do not allow dogs on the premisis.

Is there a swimming pool?

Currently we do not have a swimming pool premisis on the venue.

Do I need to make a reservation?

No, we are open almost all year round from 10:30 - 17:30. We only ask that you contact ahead to find our if we do not have another function that day so you are not dissapointed on arrival.

Can we have a Braii?

Yes, we have designated braii areas on the premisis, you can not have a braii on the lawn only in the spaces providede. We ask that you bring your own braii and equipment as this is not provided.


We kindly ask those who wish to spend a wonderful day out at the venue to kindly follow our house rules. - No driving on the lawns. - No loud music. - No dogs allowed. - No photoshoots (this requires preapproval and an additional hire out fee for the venue) - We do not provide service staff (caterers,bar staff or decorators) for picnics unless arranged in advance with the venue.

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