Welcome to Raintree,

a unique venue ecosystem with a highly adaptive environment for the event of your dreams. Like our signature river, passion and professionalism flows through our veins.

Set in a natural landscape with the Umwinsi river running through, our magnificent trees and landscaped gardens offer a beautiful backdrop to any event.

Image by Steve Johnson


Entertainment and Shows

We have vetted relationships with some talented professionals from singers to bands and performing arts.

Planning & Management

Our manager and coordinators are with you the whole way to organise and strategise the best day possible.



Included in the venue is a nearby ablutions building with enough toiletries and a full time attendant for up to three hundred guests.




Permanently located on the premises Grand event marquee high ceilings perfect for our advanced lighting and decorative capabilities. This spacious hall can comfortably seat up to 350 people including a dance floor, dj table, bar area and gourmet buffet bar set up, and cocktail stands. 

With additional accessories come rain, winter or sunshine this site can be transformed with the help of our skilled teams to suit any event you may need.


Event accessories including chivari chairs, tables, cutlery, crockery, glassware, linens, lining, dance floor, fairy lights, cake table, dj tables, gift table and the bar setup.



We offer a discrete, very dedicated, personal service to cater to your particular needs and desires.

We go above and beyond to ensure everything is just perfect. Over the years we a have tried and vetted team of experienced waiters, bartenders, ground staff and managers who will be on site for your convenience.

Additional staff in any event we manage such as waiter service, bar staff, standby electrician, backup power supply, parking attendants, security at main gate and toilet attendants are available throughout the

whole function.



We have long standing connections with some of Zimbabwe's finest top caterers. We mainly use three exclusive caterers, all highly trained chefs who always produce delicious, wholesome food from the freshest ingredients. Each caterer offers a personal service as well as a range of exclusive mouthwatering and unique menus to suit your specific requirements.

Preparing Cocktails


Raintree offers a fully professional bar service with friendly and efficient bar staff who are there to serve you with an iced cold drink and a smile throughout your event.


You are most welcome to run a ticket bar where your guests pay for their own drinks. You could also pay for the bar and once the limit is reached you can either top it up or it can go onto being a ticket bar, if you would prefer for your guests to pay for their own alcohol and you pay for soft drinks this can also be organised this is entirely up to you, and this can be increased depending on what suits your budget. No other alcohol is to be brought on site unless pre-agreed in writing by Raintree Management. Please discuss your various set up options with our Managing coordinator.



Due to the wide and expansive grounds Raintree has to offer there are multiple, often very different, venue sites across the premises which you can pick and choose from to best fit your event type and size. We have more secluded and quaint sites such as Kingfisher creek which is hugged by rolling grass hills or wide and colourful spaces such as under our Lady Chancellor on the main lawn which turns a burnt orange in the fall. Positioned right next to our river gives an overture of natures beauty in the background to top off most of Raintree's picturesque venues. We recommend a first hand tour of these sites when planning your event.



Kingfishers creek is a quaint site location just south

of our wandering river. This shallow creek is shaded

by ancient acacia trees and banked with rolling slopes 

of grass. This riverside location is ideal for large family

picnics and celebrations or a small romantic ceremony.



Over the years we have seen some fantastically talented musicians, singers, djs and performers.

we have a vetting list of recommended artists who we can put you in touch with, the groups or individuals must bring their own equipment required for the performance but we can assist in setting up the stage, lighting and electrical connections.

With the right entertainment you can quickly elevate your event from great to unforgettable.